Why Learning Angular 2 Was Excruciating
Liz Bennett

The freebsd and openbsd and some of the linux distributions have this down to an art. Not always a perfect art.

A programming environment should have 4 streams:

Production. What you have on servers. Long term support, typically measured in years. Reasonable documentation.

Stable. A coherent whole. Not bug free, but with fair consistency. Bug fixes on stable releases are usually backported to at least the previous stable release, and to the previous production release if possible. OpenBSD runs on 6 month cycle. Documentation often a release behind.

Release Candidate. Beta ware. Less consistency. No guarantees that today’s fix won’t break last weeks fix. Releases are often only days or weeks apart. Documention is the the last stable release plus what’s in the code.

Development. No coherency at all. Documentation? Kidding, right? It was hard to code, it should be hard to use. This is the stuff usually only shared to other program developers and to masochists.

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