This idea has been around a couple of decades ago as part of the car-centric city.

There would be less light at the road level but there is no side barrier between it and the street. A bit dimmer than under a gas station island — which is lit from all 4 sides instead of 1. Similarly on the elevated way, there is either only glass or just a safety fence on one side. It would be better light level than the edge of a parking garage. If you want greater light levels, use translucent roofing panels. Or paint the concrete white.

Going up and down only happens when you enter/exit the downtown grid. Every pedway crosses each intersection — so in a fully developed pedway system, there are 4 pedways across each intersection. I know that as a cyclist, given the choice of climbing a ramp, or biking a mile of downtown traffic, I know which I would prefer.

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