Eliminating Distractions…

It is the era of Information and technology in which we are getting so busy that we cannot even give proper attention to our family. It’s so difficult to get the time out even when you are free, what I am trying to say is that even if we are free, we make ourselves busy in using social media or cell phone or internet etc. There is a quote that I would like to share with you which explains distractions very well i.e.

Distraction is a lot like water: First refreshing, then exhausting, and finally, fatal.

It means that at first we enjoy being in the company o these distractions but the time comes when we realize our mistakes. So, to avoid distractions, Amal Academy devised a course that we should take our time out during morning and afternoon for one hour each when we switch off our cell phones and avoid using internet and focus on our related tasks.

Obviously, it is very difficult for an individual to get cut off from the whole world for the whole 2 hours in a day, but it is an amazing experience, we can focus in a better way. I used this time in doing my final year project thesis and I found it to be helpful in the sense that I am almost always logged into f.b account on my cell phone so , I find it very boring without my mobile, and when it was switched Off, I just had one goal to work on my thesis.

I am planning to do this regularly because it helps in performing in a more better way. But sometimes even if your cell phones are switched off, you seems to be lost in you imaginative world where you are thinking everything except what you have to think. I am going to practice it as practice makes permanence and I hope that with time I will have my full control on my cell phone as well as on my thoughts. This will help me perform in a more better way as there would be no distraction physically as well as in my mind.