Making a ‘to do list’

Making a to do list is like improving the efficiency of your activities by 4 times. The only hurdle in succeeding, in time management and in doing everything efficiently is you.

If we are willing to give our 20 minutes in making a to do list, then we can save 1 hour afterwards during which we have to impose pressure on our mind to remember the activities that we had to perform. I am not talking everything in the air, I utilized this concept and made my to do list on two days during previous week and kept that list with me and I noticed the efficiency increase of 150% in performing my activities. I had to apply to different companies and I was thinking from a week and their deadline was approaching. Finally, when I made a to do list, I got my time out and submitted my applications in 4 companies during two days.

It always seems impossible until it’s done. (Nelson Mandela)

I would suggest that it should be containing our activities in a priority manner so that if there happens to be some unforeseen activity, you can manage to get the maximum out of your day and similarly week.