Proposed: POTUS? Security Clearance 1st
Sheryl Canter

More comments from Facebook:

Joan Britton Having worked for a government agency, albeit a city, nonetheless… Background checks ARE required for any “civil servant” working in government. BUT there are no such requirements for elected officials.

Kelly Robinette Webber That is a travesty. I got FBI background checks to teach public school, but the person running the country is exempt? That’s got to change.

— — — — — — — — —

Steve Smith It occurs to me that a backdoor method of insuring suitability for office might be by adding two elements. 1. Being able to pass the same test that immigrants do for citizenship. 2. Successful graduation from a leadership class where candidates are taught just how their government works. And a possible third which would be mandatory military or public service jobs for at least two years.

— — — — — — — — —

Mark H. Goldberg A DNA test would have disqualified him as well. I’m reasonably certain he isn’t a human being.

[[I couldn’t resist including that last one — it made me laugh. -sc]]

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