Trump’s Women & Plastic Surgery

Sheryl Canter
Sep 29, 2016 · 3 min read

Last night instead of sleeping (this election is driving me nuts), I discovered that Trump’s first wife Ivana, daughter Ivanka, and current wife Melania, all have had significant plastic surgery. I started googling this because I have always wondered why Melania and Ivanka both hold their faces in such an odd stiff way. I started searching for pictures of Melania, and I found one from when she first met Donald. It was immediately obvious she’d had extensive plastic surgery. But of course! Look who’s she’s married to. She’s required to be physically perfect.

Melania in 1998, shortly after first meeting Trump (left), and Melania in 2016 after nose job, under-eye fill, breast enlargement, Botox treatment, and capping of teeth.

I learned that Melania’s squint is due to too much fill under her eyes. She barely can open them anymore! She also has had a nose job, breast enlargement surgery (as Donald told Howard Stern, he likes big breasts), and botox treatments to remove wrinkles. That’s why she can barely move her face. The before and after photos are striking.

Trump complained that Ivana’s “tits” were too small, so she had breast enlargement and other surgical enhancements to keep him from leaving her. It’s in the meticulously documented Trump biography, Lost Tycoon by Harry Hurt III. It didn’t help. Donald complained that her implants felt like plastic and still refused to touch her.

Trump also raped Ivana during this time. He had scalp reduction surgery to cover a bald spot and it hurt, so he pulled out handfuls of Ivana’s hair and then raped her so she would hurt, too. It’s in her sworn testimony for their divorce.

There is even a report from a woman Trump groped saying he asked her to get breast implants.

Marla Maples is the only Trump wife who did not have breast enlargement surgery. Why? She’s naturally busty.

Donald’s emphasis on appearance has influenced his daughter, as well. Ivanka has had breast enlargement surgery, and quite a bit of work done on her face. That’s why she and Melania have the same odd look and both hold their mouths so strangely. Ivanka was a model and many models have work done to look perfect. But Ivanka may have had another motive: a need to keep her father’s love and approval.

Ivanka Trump as nature made her (left), and Ivanka after nose job, chin implant, possible cheek implants, and breast enlargement surgery. The chin implant surgery may have damaged nerves on the right side of her mouth.

Women are free to do whatever they want with their bodies. I am not criticizing any woman (or man) who freely chooses to have cosmetic surgery. My criticism is of men who make the women around him feel ugly and worthless unless they are physically perfect.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Donald Trump talks incessantly and critically about women’s physical appearance, and every woman in a personal relationship with him has subjected herself to extensive cosmetic surgery. The picture of Melania in 1998 shows she had not had cosmetic surgery at the time she met him. Ivana Trump explicitly said in an interview that she got breast implants in an effort to keep him from leaving her.

How horrible for the women around him to feel they aren’t lovable unless they are physically perfect. And how ironic, given that Donald himself is overweight and not at all good-looking. But given what what he did (and is doing) to the Miss Universe winner who gained weight, it’s not a surprise that he would subject the women closest to him to this kind of emotional abuse.

This would all be irrelevant gossip except that Donald Trump is running for president. If he wins, his toxic values would be a role model for the whole country. For decades now, we’ve been fighting against the message that girls and women must look a certain way to be lovable, worthwhile, and attractive. Despite these efforts, most girls and women in America dislike their bodies. Trump will only make the situation worse.

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