A life Changed

I was sitting here thinking about times long ago, I was 19 living in a 19 foot travel trailer with my parents, We did not have power or sewer no running water and it was the middel of summer, I had to stand up wind of myself!! It was a very stressed time in my life, My parent tried to kill each other in words as well as deeds, I found myself mad!! So mad I became my mother yelling and screaming trying to excape the pain I felt, So I walked out with only the cloths on my back, determined to find a job and make my way with out them,
So the devil looks for doors ways to make matters worse, so as I am walking down the road what should happen by but a nice old man or so I thought !! He pulled up and ask me if I needed a ride, He seemed ok and at first he was ..he began to talk to me about his 16 year old twin daughters and then he dropped the bomb! He ask how much to have me!!! I saw red and began to yell!!! told him to let me out, So he stop told me he was sorry and I could have the money he had!! I wanted nothing from him but to leave me alone,
So I started off on my journey again to a job I saw listed as a singing telagram person,
When I got there the two guys behind the counter told me that the job was filled, But they had another and ask me if I wanted to try for if I could step in the back room and dance and take off my clothes!! I saw red and began to yell the Devil was not going to win! It seemed that I had walked and talked to God for hours and I just needed to rest my head, And what did I find a small church, I walked up to the door and tried to open it but it was locked so I curled up on the steps and went to sleep, I guess some one that went to the church called the minister and he showed up with a warm heart asking nothing of me, But giving me food and a safe place to stay while I tried to get my thoughts together,
I went the very next day and got My Moter Bike from my parents and sold it, so I could get a ticket on the first Greyhound Bus to my sisters house in San Diego California, We had talked and she wanted me to come and stay with her and her family, She saved my life in so many ways.
It took a couple days but I was off to any thing better than where I was, I prayed and prayed lord help me! and I kept saying it over and over help me.
As I sat on that bus I was unaware of what was happening, It was new Years and alot of Service men were headed back home, And I guess they were betting on who was going to get what they wanted from me!
Why do I know this is because God sent me an Angel,, His name was Zane and he was navy a true man of integerty ..the type of man and warrior that saved lives in war and made the navy proud, He started off by telling me his name and why he fought so hard to win the bet, He told me they wanted to cause me harm and he wanted to keep me safe, As we traveled he told me about his plans to get married and that he lived with his sister and brother inlaw,
When we made it to San Diego I thanked him and went to call my sister and found that she and Bob had to leave because of a death in the family, But she had a friend I could stay with over night, I had very little money not enough for a long taxie ride, So my Angel was keeping watch over me, He saw my distress and ask how he could help, I told him what had happened and he said with a smile my family is coming to pick me up and I am sure they will drop you off, The shock that came later!! in a city as large as San Diego he lived in the same building, God has sent him to ensure my safty because nothing is impossible with God in the Drivers seat
! The very next day my sister came and picked me up!! To this day I wish I could thank him again for saving me from harm and listening to God voice in his ear!
Thank you Zane for your service to our country and for watching over all in need and being Gods Navy angel,

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