Awake at 3:30am

Good morning everyone! I found myself awake at 3:30 am!! Not sure why?? so I got up had breakfast and listened to the stillness of my home!
There is peace in the sounds of our home! every thing from the furance turning on and off too the floor boards creeking as the house settels, feeling the warmth of my Dogs laying on my feet and the joy of knowing my husband slumbers just down the hall safe and warm in our bed!! Often in life we think we have so little when we truely have lots to Thank Jesus for!
There is a New feeling of change and furture stirring in my spirit! Jesus is telling me a door is opening, there is no proof of it ..only faith in knowing Jesus as my perfect and honest to the core savior, I don,t consider myself above average in anything, But I am like so many others graced by a above average love that surpasses all others, Yep that would be my best friend Jesus i am talking about! He is my Father ,friend ,mentor, and corrects me as needed ..and the only one I am not afraid of telling the whole truth of me too. He won,t reject me for being honest!! he encourges that, Talking to Jesus every day about everything, from what to do and what to cook! 
With that being said I hope that your day is heated up and stirred well with alot of Jesus time, Just me your sister in Christ Sheryl

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