Feeling left behind!

I woke up feeling left behind! I was thinking about our son! 
I know as mother and father you can relate,
I prayed for my son before he was conceived
And prayed over my tummy as he grew! But most of all prayed with him in trials and joy, and in silence as a mother often crys for her family!!
As a Mom we sacrifice our bodies to bring them into the world ..our sleep for there needs our time so we can teach and share in all there trials and triumphs,
And when they leave it is a sweet sorrow ..why because they are doing all we have taught them! To leave us and have a life separate as an adult! 
As I thought about what I was feeling, Jesus spoke to me, he reminded me he sacrificed his body for me, he spent many hours and days and years watching me grow and go through trials and triumps !! He watch me step out and try my wings!
And when I was not spending time with him ..he missed me! But he knows sometimes we have to go away to come back stronger !!
I stood in my kitchen in tears as I talked to my father..and he reminded me that he has Brandon and I both in the palm of his hand, Because he is both of our fathers!
Just me your sister in Christ Shery

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