God Saves

Afternoon all, I share storys of my life not to get pity but to encourage you that God takes us from the darkness and renews our lives,
I have struggled on how to share the painful moment,…God walked with me through the fire, and saves me,
I was raised in a home that struggled with porn and alcohol, my parents often abused each other and cheated on each other as well, my mother had mastered being your friend one moment and then stealing you blind the next,
I have so many storys of the life that I lived and it will take years to tell them all… I did not get to attend middle school or high school, my Mother took me out because I was withdrawing and she did not want or know how to handel a child that was struggling with what I was raised in, so until I turned 18 I had to pretend I was 18 to keep her out of trouble, I was not allowed friends, I was painfully shy! My brother was 5 years older and he acted out and he became violent ….often forcing his affection onto me,
I told my parents and they said that’s what boys do,,
When I had an out I ran into the arms of a violent person that beat me, and held me a gun point towards the end or our relationship and during the time frame I was raped in his house by my brother,
Again I share this to encourage you !!! 
I can share this with out pain as God has healed me from it,s wounds, God pulled me from this life and gave me a new beginning a wonderful husband and home, I have forgiven my brother and pray for him to find God and one day see him in heaven happy and at peace, I also love my parents they have passed, but even in the trials there was moments of joy! I am thankful Jesus is with me every second of every day! Do I face trials yes every day, But I know even in death God is in control, I am looking forward to what God has in store for me and my future. Just me your sister in Christ

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