The wine Glass that wanted to be more!!

Long ago in a shop window stood a wine glass and every day he would watch the kids play in the park, and watch the birds fly by. Oh what a joy he thought to feel the wind on your face and to sit with a mother and daughter someday and listen to the joy in her heart as she tells her Mom about getting married or the new baby on the way.

He would day dream that after school a Mom and her children would sit down and talk about what had happened at school that day over a glass of milk with warm cookies. But how could he!! He was nothing more than a wine glass and that is all he could ever be, Until one day as he watched from the shop window an angle glowing with light smiled at him and said our father above has a great journey for you, he wants other to see you with different eyes and to understand he is about change and that he uses everything even a glass for his Glory. The Angle told him that God wants us to be many things in life we are not born to stand still but grow and express and inspire. He is the greatest Father of all and that he wanted the best for all his children. The Angle spoke from the heart as he expressed his Fathers will, that we often believe that we are not smart enough or maybe there is not time to do what we want or that we have gotten too old to change anything, Or the saddest of all is the ones we trust keeps telling us we need to stop dreaming or reaching!!!!

Tears flowed down his glass and flowers began to bloom in his heart and soon God had changed the stars and his path, he found himself sitting with a family Christmas day in front of a warm toasty fire , Warm coco with marsh mellows piled on top dripping over the edge of his glass and oh!!! The joy he felt because he was filled with hope and a bright future.

And we can with our father help change the stars for others by looking with new perspective…And seeing what God has placed in front of us. Letting him be our eyes

This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!

2 Corinthians 5:17

The moral of this story is not about a glass, but about us and how we see things verses how God sees things. About turning your past and what you thought you had to be into Glory for God…And learning to see with new eyes what is in front of us.

Like Money it is not bad or good only the person holding it and there heart can say what will happen. And a wine glass to some has been a source of sorrow because of choices. It began as grains of sand highly heated and formed into a beautiful artful glass, we are like grains of sand as well that is highly heated by life and formed by Gods hands to be a beautiful artful form in his image.

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