Alternative Power 100 Music List 2019 Honourees announced

#AltList2019 returns for its third edition with a focus on COMMUNITY

We started the Alternative Power 100 Music List as a response to Billboard’s Power 100 List with the aim to challenge conventional music industry standards. Over the past couple of years the #AltList has evolved from a symbolic stance in defiance of its original counterpart to a celebration for traditionally underrepresented communities such as women, people of colour, with disabilities, people from emerging markets, LGBTQ and so on. In 2019 the #AltList returns to celebrate those making a difference in COMMUNITY.

Check out the full list of Honourees here! Founder Andreea Magdalina said:

The #AltList set out to redefine what power means in the music business, celebrating people of all genders, ages, career levels and earning figures. We firmly believe that creating more visibility for these individuals and initiatives will ultimately lead to a more diverse, inclusive and financially positive music economy.

This year, partnered with the Association of Independent Music, where Honourees were invited to speak at AIM Connected in London and presented at the awards cocktail evening.

Jane Shin (Writer / Creative Producer / Host of Progression podcast)

“I’m honored to be part of’s Alternative Power 100 Music List. It’s a rewarding feeling being recognized among incredible women and to continue moving forward to help inspire the next generation of young women entering the music industry.”

Deji Olukotun (Head of Social Impact | Sonos)

“From its inception, has courageously called for change within the music industry to include underrepresented voices, and it’s truly an honor to be included in the Alternative Power 100 List this year. At Sonos, we believe in the transformative power of music and we empower people around the world to listen better. The work of and everyone that has been — and will be — part of the Alternative Power List is crucial to driving the incredibly important industry conversations we need right now.”

Athena Koumis (Head of Music Culture & Curation — North America | XITE)

“The Alternative Power List is an important platform recognizing people from traditionally underrepresented communities making waves in the music industry. It is an honor to be recognized on this year’s list for doing what I love alongside so many other incredible people.”

Ben Turner (Partner | International Music Summit)

“I applaud the work of SSS and their work around the Alternative Power List and their commitment to shining a light on underrepresented communities. I am very much enjoying sharing knowledge and insight with the SSS team as part of us collaborating on IMS, and our decision to co-curate the summit with them has been a positive process in helping us broaden our own platform’s reflection of the global electronic industry.”

Anna Bulbrook (GIRLSCHOOL LA)

“When we encounter systems that don’t work for us, we have two options. We can accept the status quo, or take a more powerful approach: to imagine our own systems that drive a new set of outcomes with new rules of engagement. It’s inspiring to see people boldly build such thoughtful alternatives to our current systems. I’m honored to be part of the SSSo community, and humbled to be included on this list. Thank you, SSSo, for your work in creating another way.”

Zelia Peixoto

“We together are stronger than we could ever believe. When women are united we become fertile soil that other can rest and feed themselves up. I am very happy to be this soil, this branch, this net and change the World even if my steps are small westepping together are a movement.”

Shannon Herber (Pop & Dance/Electronic genre manager, Awards | The Recording Academy/GRAMMYs)

“I’m so thrilled to be one of this year’s honorees on the Alternative Power 100 Music List 2019. This year’s focus on community builders is so important, especially in an industry that is often solely focused on the accomplishments of individuals. This list serves to both better connect us to each other, continuing to empower and support our community, while inspiring those coming after us to see themselves represented and know that there is a place for them within the music industry. I am beyond grateful to have been selected for this honor by my female peers and personal heroes, and believe that it’s more important than ever to highlight the amazing contributions to our industry of those from underrepresented communities.”