DeLounger: How Hard Can One Man Lounge?

“Easy Listening Lounge Tunes for Your Italian Cocktails” — An Actual Album Tag From This Playlist

Debarshi Majumdar is a controversial man. Labeled by many as a madman, idiot, or fool, Debarshi struggles daily to eke out respect in a harsh world “filled with critics”. He’s not without his fans, however, for certain people appreciate his “next level” humor and “superior” taste in movies and music. Of all the years I’ve known Debarshi, I’ve managed to take away one thing about the man: he knows how to lounge. In terms of relaxing, lazing around, and generally being slothful, Debarshi is second to none. He has intricate strategies and preferences for maximum comfort, ranging from the food he eats, the way he sits, the clothes he wears, and perhaps most importantly, the music he listens to.

This brings us to Debarshi’s hit new Spotify playlist: DeLounger. Like the title suggests, this is a playlist all about relaxation and comfort, and it manages to achieve this goal fairly well, but is not without its hiccups and inconsistencies.

First of all, there are songs that unequivocally do not belong, either in the position they currently occupy or in the playlist at all. The first song, “Everybody” by Logic is harsh and energetic, but the following song (and I would argue, the theme of the playlist), “Folding Clothes”, does not match this at all. The next couple songs are all also by Logic, but again is a heavier, more intense hip-hop that doesn’t match the rest of the playlist which consists of mostly chillhop and anime-loungecore. The outro of “Fade Away” does not belong in a playlist at all, but it does feel relaxing just to hear the smooth voice of Steve Blum having a conversation, even though it makes the transition to the next song particularly lackluster. If a playlist can get away with including, say, a presidential speech, the audience should be able to forgive this. I would have liked to have seen Debarshi spread out the Logic songs or get rid of them all together. Having them all at the beginning felt like a repetitive slog.

The playlist does manage to improve dramatically as it goes on. Some notable exceptions to this rule are “Wouldn’t Get Far” and “Best I Ever Had”. These two songs (particularly the former) gave me an intense headache and my morale quickly reached an all time low. I wasn’t sure I could finish the playlist and was ready to throw in the towel. However, the second half of Delounger was actually quite excellent. Due to minimal transitional woes and being filled with overall pleasant songs, the playlist managed to finish strong and eliminate the headache I’d received before.

Overall, DeLounger is chill background music. It’s uncontroversial, doesn’t contain too many harsh sounds, and serves as ideal music to listen to while doing other things. I cannot, however, recommend listening to this playlist without keeping your mind occupied with something else. You will either fall asleep, want to bang your head against a wall, or curse the day anime was ever invented. The ‘lounging power of the playlist is simply too great for normal humans, and I suspect only Debarshi could listen to this to relax and not suffer adverse effects. In fact, I actually got so bored that I started writing this review midway through and found my experience greatly enhanced.

DeLounger can perhaps best be summarized by the tag line of the album Cocktail Classics, Vol 1: “Easy Listening Lounge Tunes for Your Italian Cocktails”. All the audience should keep in mind is that Debarshi does not, in fact, drink.

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