i got in.

She opens up her Mac screen with an anxious urgency that has remained from a day of exhausting role playing. A blue glow quickly floods the dark room, illuminating all the other things she should be doing in that moment — packing away toys, folding clothes, finally paying that parking fine — but instead, the lure of writing her letter of motivation is far stronger. She is itching to describe why she wants to spend two years studying in Stockholm, learning, creating, and improving her craft. Lucky for her, she is not one of those people that requires a certain level of workplace tidiness in order to write, in fact, she finds it impossible to resist the urge to place words articulately in a row no matter where or when that urge strikes.

Dear Dr. Adnan Mahmutovic,

Thank you for considering my application to study transnational creative writing at Stockholm University.

I have been looking to continue my studies in this area of passion for many years and when I found this course it was like the stars aligning. Writing, for me, is something that has always been part of my life, from little books I ‘wrote’ and illustrated as a toddler, to journals and poetry throughout my teens, and commercial, grant, and blog writing in my career. This course will allow me to spend two years focusing on creative writing with the guidance of esteemed writers, lecturers, and aspiring peers while learning about all the influencers of writing.

Her laptop’s taskbar is incessant as it continuously threatens to steal her attention, with emails

intermittently downloading as her Mac finds its Wi-Fi companion and again taps into its alter ego. The other life her Mac indulges is not one of contemplative story telling or sharing this human experience through expressive nuance, rather budgets, deadlines, objectives, and profit. Her Mac unobjectionably shares its time with Advertising.

I have spent my career in the advertising industry and am currently working in an agency as an Account Director and a Copywriter. For the last two years I have been focusing a lot more on my writing, and getting the chance to work as a copywriter during this time has been formatively helpful, but the need for further education, literary context, creative feedback, and guidance would help me to advance my career into writing of all capacities. Working in advertising has given me a lot of knowledge when it comes to meeting objectives and writing to a brief; finding and executing a purpose, however corporate writing seems to only go so far. What I love about reading is finding a common truth, the part of the story that is somehow yours no matter how far removed you are from the subject matter. This is the area of creative writing that inspires me the most and one I would love to explore more throughout my further education.

She holds down Control S, breaks to look out the large window from her stretched position on the grey couch, noting that her earlier anxiety has finally subsided and she is now able to take a full breath and see life around her. There are night walkers on the street chatting and laughing as they brisk past her small brick house, they walk under the big gum tree on the verge and as they do, she looks up and notices that the branches are again starting to envelop the power lines. ‘I will need to call the council about that before winter’, she thinks while turning her attention back to the task on her lap. Her legs are bare as the hot Australian evenings refuse to stay outside. At this time of year, the heat always manages to filter its thick, sand-like breath into even the most secure home, settling on the floors and walls and furniture as if it’s planning to unpack its bags and stay for months on end.

My aim is to be a writer, to be a professional creative writer and continue to share stories with many or just one other that needs it the most. Writing and reading alike have been such cathartic activities throughout my life — grieving loss with me as if holding my hand the whole way through, celebrating new life alongside me with unwavering stability, transitioning me calmly through changes of the mind and body — and without them I would fear a chaotic world not too dissimilar to the lawless Nevada of The Mandibles.

As a freelance writer, I have been working with an Australian photography magazine, Capture Magazine, as well as taking on my own clients which has given me the opportunity to write in a surf photography book, blog for a meditation magazine, write websites, and social media strategies, anything I can get my hands on really. This diversity has been both inspiring and fragmented. I have started to post my work online in an effort to share my words and develop a platform to pitch for new opportunities, https://www.shesayshesays.net/

Being accepted to study the Transnational Creative Writing Master’s course is all about nourishing my mind, elevating my work and learning the craft of creative writing. It will be the start of a new chapter for me and my career (pardon the pun).

Thank you again for considering my application.

Here is a link to my LinkedIn profile as a career reference: https://www.linkedin.com/in/clare-reid-9722447b/

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Clare Reid.