An international student on life away from home during a global pandemic.

At 0600 hours, my alarm goes off. It’s still dark outside as I drag myself out for a light jog around the block — the only outdoor exercise I am allowed for the day. As the minutes tick by, I pass neighbours walking their dogs or heading to the nearest grocery store to avoid the morning crowds. We only make brief eye-contact as we continue moving briskly away from each other, six feet apart. Heading back, I take off my shoes and leave them outside my door. Clothes…

Runner’s Up in the University of Oxford TORCH Flash Fiction Competition.

Aiden touched the bead of sweat threatening to glide down the bridge of his nose and glanced up at the sky. His father must have noticed because he placed his tools down and grunted, “Yep. The ol’ girl’s still up there. Shining.” Aiden waved in response, unsure of whether to be grateful or angry.

The morning began with mild panic as he was shaken awake by his mother. Next to him, his mobile phone beeped shrilly, in competition with his mother’s delirium; the screen flashing red. Aiden rubbed his…


Post-grad islander on pro-Brexit turf. Drinking coffee shouldn’t be a personality trait, but it is one of mine. ♡

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