Hello, I am Sharon Hartley Ent. (S.H.E.). I learned about this new Goggle Ideas into Jigsaw today and joined up. My creative entrepreneurship transformed my healing arts hobbies into several types of Integrated Alternative Medicine (I.A.M) body-mind wellness services. www.iamSHE.biz is under construction temporarily while I soak up some ideas here. Please feel free to drop me feedback, but basically working with Media Temple. I have so many interests and offerings that keeping track of my schedule has been tough to manage with different kinds of payment triggers to book and share events easier.

After being badly hacked, I had to closed down FB and curious if I should go back? I do have thousands of friends that I am missing… Privacy is my sticky point lately and in this world of duality, how social media technology may weigh the risks involved with safe exposure of a home based business using common free types of programs like Skype and Google vs. the risks of security breaches to personal records?

I am like most people changing from a corporate career to a health-wellness career and financially top heavy with student loan debt so free is good. Any helpful hints are appreciated and need to be up and running by March 1st. Thank you in advance :)

Please check out my music on Itunes “Sharon Hartley” played singer/bass player in Chicago for Obama “Around the Corner” social justice song. The aftermath of supporting him separated me from more people, friends, family, and work than actually dying. It also allowed me to trust those gut feelings which ultimately made a notch in history for myself. However small that Rock-the-Vote show went not many can say they played for the coolest president of the United States.

I didn’t realize my political views would cost me so much but I lost everything because of it. No more politics or religion for me…that will teach the teacher but hopefully time will heal us to be more open minded about change because that is the only thing that is continuous. Namaste, S.H.E.

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