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I’m embarrassed to admit that I didn’t run my first podcast audience survey until two and a half years after my first show launched. I knew it was something bigger shows did, but I didn’t really get why it was important until a potential sponsor asked for our audience’s average age. I said something like, “Uhhhh, probably mid-20s, but I don’t really know.” Later that afternoon, I started drafting our first survey.

Audience surveys empower podcasters to make better shows, earn more money, and build stronger relationships with listeners. The data you gather from a survey will help you:

  • Figure out where to book live…


Amanda McLoughlin

Creator and Educator. Founder of @MultitudeShows (@SpiritsPodcast, @JointhePartyPod, @WaystationPod, @PotterlessPod) | Queens, NY 🌈

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