In this episode, Akanksha speaks with Ritu Jhajharia, Founder and Managing Director of The Rolling Circle, a brand communication startup based in Mumbai and servicing clients across India.

Ritu shares her entrepreneurial journey so far, the biases faced and handled, managing personal finances while building a bootstrapped startup and more. If you are a budding entrepreneur or someone looking for some insights on how to approach the biases or how to handle personal finances as an entrepreneur, this podcast is for you.

Originally published at She Talk Cents.

A few years
ago, I called up my Dad on Father’s Day and very excitedly said, “Papa, Happy
Father’s Day”. He off-course could not understand what I was saying. So I said,
“Papa, today is Father’s Day — a day to celebrate Fathers. So Happy Father’s

And he
goes, “Thank you beta, so what can I gift you?”

Always ever want to give.

I have
always wondered as a child and I wonder even now, how is he like that?

Now that I earn my money, I know how a random expense of Rs 10,000 “spoils” my budget…

I love watching theatre performances. Other than the live performance, raw emotions and unfiltered voice what appeals to me is the curtain call. Every single person behind the scene gets recognised for the magic created on the stage.

I put up a performance all through the month of April. You may not have realised this, but I was creating one post everyday with each alphabet.

It started with A on 1st April and is ending with Z today.

Today is the curtain call for #AtoZChallenge.

And I would like to zero in on how the month unfolded, the efforts put…

Past weekend, I attended a women’s conference. I love such gatherings.

I get to meet women who are doing amazing stuff, building career, businesses and most important, they are building other women.

The common wisdom in the meet up was this — women have to value themselves. And then they need to learn to value their careers.

The locus of control has to be within and not outside.

I can’t agree more.

The other day someone was asking me to do some talk on how men don’t involve women in finances and that they should. …

When we look at that black screen on god forsaken channel that we rarely watch, and the red and green graphs scream “Sensex”, “Nifty” and “markets”, we assume it is all but technical and therefore too boring or too intimidating.

And so we move on to watch something else. Never mind if it is something as lame as Roadies! But anything other than the finance and markets is bearable.

I feel you.

But the thing we miss out on is that markets are made of people, buying and selling stocks. People are prone to emotions. …

Dalal Street is Indian equivalent of Wall Street (in New York). When Bombay Stock Exchange was relocated, the street next to it was named Dalal Street.

Stock market, for some reason, have animal identifiers for investors. May be because humans tend to lose control over their emotions as stock investors.

Anyway, so overtly optimistic investors who believe the stock price will rise, and therefore want to buy more, are Bulls. Pessimistic investors who believe stock price will fall, and therefore want to sell, are Bears.

They are most popular because most investors largely falls in either of these categories.


Most of us have that one ULIP policy that we know nothing about. A few (un)fortunate ones have more than one.

It is one product that is sold like the best product you will ever get! Like ever! It lets you invest money and you get Insurance cover too — free free free!!

Isn’t it?

The Sales pitch for ULIP

ULIP is one of those products that don’t need a lot of hard sell. It is so complicated in its structure that an investor would rather hear benefits and buy it than trying to find out the drawbacks.

I wrote in details about TVM (Time…

When I go out for Samosa and Chai with my father, he reminisces how it used to cost 50 paisa per samosa when he was younger. Or how they could buy vegetables for family in under Rs 4 to Rs 5.

When I was in school, a cold drink and patty would together come in Rs 10. Patty for Rs 3 and Cold Drink for Rs 7. Today, those Rs 10 can’t even buy me half a patty.

In such conversations, we do remark that even Rs 10,000 today will be worth nothing after few years. …

I went about randomly asking some people if they know what SIP is. Most of them knew the basic concept. Some did not know the full form though.

Mutual funds have done a good job at making people aware of SIP.

Then I asked what is STP and SWP. Only a handful knew and I got some funny replies too.

Someone said STP is when you can transfer your SIP to me. OR transfer money from your SIP to my SIP.


And so I decided to write on Systematic methods of Investing and withdrawal.

First thing first : SIP is not a Mutual Fund

You don’t invest in SIP…

Today, I had to write something technical. Writing an opinion piece is my comfort zone, writing outside of it, technical specially, is a stretch.

And stretch causes stress. And stress I hate.

So the break.

Isn’t that how it works in life too?

The monotony of usual

Let’s be honest and face the truth. Neither is working everyday of your life a usual. Nor is staying with someone forever. We were not born with an understanding of these things.

As kids, the usual is to make everyday unusual. Isn’t it? What I ate yesterday, I don’t want to eat today. What I played yesterday…

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