Bum Bum Jones

It is MY WIFE that inspires me to do ‘more’ in all area. She is the prime reason why I create new benchmarks. She is my homely (often times unwanted but nosy) mentor and most of the time I neglect her ‘small’ talk but many a times, I ‘like’ her words…. Sometimes even few sentences! She is my life. Through her I have got my family. And without safety valve of my family, I won’t be what I am today. And this very family is the reason(incl MY WIFE) to go out, fight the fight and learn more and earn more and enjoy more and do loads of activities. Thanks to MY WIFE! And mind well, she is epitome of productivity ,too. Lucky me. Thank God. In the end, now she has started giving me company(after cajoling her for last 15 years) for a glass of draughts beer(when ever I enjoy beer, say twice a month or so) , too! 3 cheers!!!