Fun filled vacations in Croatia

Me and my friend

Me and my friend Linda were planning for sometime to go for sailing, though we both din’t had any experience as such in sails. After zeroing on Croatia which is famous for its beautiful islands and has a vast coastline, we decided to look for some good boat rental companies which offers good services and good value for our hard earned money.

We had read about Adria Sail Charter, a boat rental company in Croatia, which was famous for its services and had good reviews about it. At the same time, one of our office colleagues who had been on a vacation previous year to Croatia was overwhelmed when he came to know that we were planning to go sailing and our destination was Croatia.

On hearing this, he instantly recommended that we should check out Adria Sail Charter and it was one of the best company offering great services and our office colleague, Michael, had a great experience on their boats and was all raving about it.

We got in touch with Adria Sail Charter guys and they promised to take care of everything once we landed in Croatia.

When we landed in Croatia, every minute details of our stay was taken care of by the professional team of Adria and we were shown across the famous islands and the Adriatic coast and every minute of our stay was filled with fun and enjoyment and it was one of the experiences we won’t forget for the time to come.

The company offered good services and we were personally taken care of by their experienced staff which was always at our back and call.

It was one of the best vacations me and my friend had in our lives and will be remembered for the time to come