Learning vs Experiences

Lessons learnt from the reading:

  1. Stop worrying and start living
  2. Some individuals have no interior motives and simply needs love
  3. Death is not a tragedy, it happens to all
  4. One can heal herself by simply letting people who cares,in
  5. No one cares about no one
  6. Friend with benefits are not friends
  7. One should be a deceiver-an illusionist
  8. People take chances
  9. Successful people are optimists
  10. Treat people with kindness, no matter who they are
  11. Act of kindness can even melt stone heart people
  12. Hatred is one of the most strongest feeling
  13. Greet people with animation and enthusiasm if u want to make friends
  14. Become genuinely interested in other people
  15. We are interested in others when they are interested in us

Learning from experiences:

  1. Life is hard
  2. Optimist and pessimist-both are essential
  3. People expect too much
  4. We cant fulfill their expectations always
  5. Death is redemption
  6. A few people are ‘real’
  7. Life is not always about sun shines and rainbows
  8. Life is so fast that no one cares for anyone
  9. Pure hearts are ruined daily
  10. People have become ‘hollow man’
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