Storytelling from a Millennial’s Perspective

Storytelling is probably the most effective way to get millennials to pay attention to anything, whether it be advertisements, viral videos or television shows. Being able to connect to a message is a key factor to why storytelling is important. As millennials our attention is in multiple places at once and we are exposed to large amounts of produced content. In order to get millennials to pay attention and connect with messages there is a different expectation to previous generations, when it comes to storytelling. More than ever before there are social media platforms that allows people from anywhere in the world to connect. Millennials seem to be more connected to real stories, even if it’s actors acting. If it comes across as being “real” they will pay close attention. Where as before advertisements were more straightforward and direct with a general storyline of trying to sell something because it will get you a certain type of result. Millennials are sold more on storytelling and the lifestyle of a company.

I find the stories that I can relate to the most appealing. Something that’s genuine and doesn’t feel like a forced or unreal advertisement. I pay close attention to those that have something to offer or I want to learn more about. Dove and BuzzFeed are two companies that comes to mind where I can watch their videos. Dove does campaign videos that are not necessarily direct with their products but what they stand for. BuzzFeed does videos that are interesting and different that catches my attention.

Dove did a campaign called “Dove Love Your Curls | How we can help girls learn to love their curls” I relate to this video because I have curly hair. In this advertisement they never once tried to sell their products but rather their message. It was empowering and inspiring to watch. This video had strong realistic and character forms of storytelling. The girls really had curl hair and were expressing how they perceived it and find new ways to love their curly hair.

Yes, I like stories that I can easily relate to without thinking about it, like the Dove example I listed above. For most people that’s the case as well, you relate to stories that are similar to you. Companies and organizations trying to catch the attention of millennials should try to focus on ways to connect their brand to their audiences. There are many ways to be creative when storytelling. Realistic and personal storytelling of like minded people is what catches my attention. There is lots of content we are being exposed to and our attention span doesn’t last for long, unless it’s an interesting enough message with relative storytelling elements.