In this past 2017 Super Bowl Airbnb ran a thirty second advertisement campaign called #WeAccept. The purpose behind this campaign was to stand up for equality and acceptance around the world. This was a simple and straightforward advertisement. The visuals were of people from different backgrounds, there was music playing in the background and text appearing on the screen. The way they presented their advertisement most likely caused viewers to pay attention because of their powerful message. Airbnb mission statement is “The mission is to live in this world where one day you can feel like you’re home anywhere and not in a home, but truly home, where you belong. To live in this world where you can be home, you have to provide hospitality and hosts provide hospitality. Airbnb is a hospitality company.” The powerful campaign they ran speaks to their mission statement, of being inspirational, accepting and providing equality for people from all different types of backgrounds. Airbnb popular amongst those traveling and is a great alternative for those who don’t want to stay in hotels. Since the Super Bowl has over 100 million viewers chances are people will be interested to see what Airbnb message.

In this thirty second advertisement Airbnb puts #WeAccept and their logo at the end. This is powerful because the audience is reading and engaging with the message. Then they can connect the message of equality to the company. This advertisements tells the story of equality and acceptance of people around the world. However, the story that is shown is most likely to be interpreted by the viewer because it’s how they see and identify as acceptance and equality. This advertisements doesn’t have narrative structure because it’s straight forward, except towards the end when the campaign messages appears, #WeAccept.

In one of Keith A. Quesenberry’s findings regarding research on narrative structure, it indicated that complexity of advertisements content and storytelling is connected to the advertisements success. Which makes sense because people are more engaged when they can follow and relate to a story. It’s also engaging for the views when there’s a powerful message that they can follow some or all of these; exposition, inciting incident, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution, denouement. The Airbnb advertisement is linear and the images of the people move a lot, however the text and constant change of images follows the engagement level and ends with a powerful message, #WeAccept.

In a previous advertisements done by Airbnb, their How to Tell an Airbnb Travel Story campaign, conveys a simplar message of belonging anywhere and making the place you travel to you home, away from home. They have a consistent message of having diverse group of people being represented, show casing equality and acceptance. The recent 2017 however is a bit more powerful because they use imagery, music and text to engage with their audiences and having one clear message, #WeAccept.