Is this article actually meant for Michelle Obama?
Katherine J. Legry

This article is a suggestive tool for Black people involved with politics. I wrote that in the article, so somehow you missed that.

Please provide resources to back up the fact that white women were once ‘slaves’ (and I’m not talking Handmaid’s Tale bullshit, I’m talking chattel slavery, slaughtered the mother’s young, ripped her from her family, slave owners raping them so that they could breed type, raping them in front of their husbands, feeding their children to alligators type of slavery).

Let’s get into history because whatever you’re going by is… Good God, woman, it is all the way off! Before you attempt to correct a Black woman on woman’s history, make sure that you are well-educated and informed on what you ‘think’ you’re talking about.

Here’s some info on suffrage and how white feminists like Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Stanton started the trend of white feminism — I’m going to assume you don’t know what white feminism is; it is an exclusionary form of feminism that is white-centered, fueled by toxic masculinity, and excludes the issues and crises of Black and Brown women.

How the Suffrage Movement Betrayed Black Women

Now, in regard to your comment about how white women are also victim to patriarchy and white supremacy. What you are missing is a vital understanding of intersectionality, the compound oppression that women of color face (gender plus race — white women are only oppressed by the gender part). The compound oppression comes with a host of challenges, risks, and problems. For a white woman to think that, even for a second, it’s appropriate to compare the issues of white women with that of Black women… well, that’s incredibly inappropriate and ignorant. And by ignorant, I mean, you lack important knowledge about Black women and women of color. Here’s a great piece on white feminism that will help bridge that gap of understanding:

When Feminism is White Supremacy in Heels:

About that list of people you ‘get to’ love and things you ‘get to’ do, those are all your privileges you were discussing! And, when you frame them in the context that you did, letting me know who’s boss in so many words, you’re really just using that privilege to prove me wrong and talk down to me rather than ask questions in regard to how I came to feel the way I do, and why there are so many Black Americans missing in politics (why only three nominated candidates in the Democrat party out of 73?). The poor dialogue that you have with a Black woman about race, politics, and feminism suggests that, perhaps, you do not speak with Black women regularly (God willing). Here is another article about what happens when white feminist take the ‘we’re all in this together’ approach with Black women.

(White) Girl Power

So, until you either

  1. Become a Black woman who has to deal with discrimination and oppression, the maternal mortality crisis, the weathering hypothesis, rising HIV rates in Black rural communities, trans Black murders, rising domestic homicide or

2) A white woman who is knowledgeable, respectful, and empathetic to the compound oppression that Black and Brown women face, and you have questions that are meant to build organic dialogue or

3) You have receipts for these claims of slavery and white women having it ‘just as bad’

Please keep reading and educate yourself. Here’s a list for anyone else reading this and wants to do better:

Women, Race, & Class by Angela Y. Davis

So You Want to Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo

When They Call You a Terrorist by Patrisse Cullors

Sister Citizen by Melissa Harris-Perry

Antagonists, Advocates, and Allies by Catrice M. Jackson

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