We Can’t Abandon Chikesia Clemons

With an upcoming court date to appeal false charges made by a Mobile, Alabama Waffle House, and Saraland Police Department, Chikesia Clemons needs amplification and support more than ever.

Chikesia Clemons, Instagram

Like most Black American women, I’ve had to process more images of other Black women being abused than I can keep track of. From my timeline to the subway, the violation of a Black woman’s body is only a glance, street corner, or police siren away. Yet, nothing has triggered me as much as what I saw happen to Chikesia Clemons.

Chikesia, along with two friends were dining at a Mobile, Alabama Waffle House when informed there was an additional charge for plastic silverware (Black folks don’t be trusting that half-washed silverware). Upon requesting to speak with the manager, employees called 911 and requested for police. An exchange with Saraland Police officers resulted in Chikesia being pinned down by several officers and choked. Their mandhandling shifted Chikesia’s tube top, exposing her breasts to apathetic patrons as well as officers who watched without coming to the young woman’s defense.

Besides the trauma, bruises, and bad press Chikesia was subjected to, she’s also been found guilty and charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. According to accounts from Waffle House employees and Saraland police, employees called 911 because Chikesia and her friends refused to discard alcohol they had brought on the premises, which is against restaurant regulations. Several witnesses claim that everyone in the party smelled of alcohol, and a few employees went as far as claiming at one point someone said they were going to “shoot this place up”. However, Chikesia’s mother says, “She was waiting for them to give her the district manager’s card so she could file a complaint on one of the waitresses.”

Like most violations that happen to the bodies of Black women, most people have already forgotten the abuse Sis experienced in the Waffle House that night. I didn’t, though. I’ve maintained contact with Chikesia through social media, sharing words of encouragement after she was found guilty in the case against her, as well as amplifying her voice in my work. So, when Sis posted a call-for-action on her Instagram page asking people to physically show up to her upcoming court date, I knew she deserved more than a like and a share.

Chikesia Clemons’ sentencing is scheduled for February, 27th. She shouldn’t be there alone, which is why I’ll be flying out to Alabama to show support for her trial (did I tell y’all how much I fear the south?)

For those who will be unable to attend, there’s still a list of ways you can help and show support.

  • Share this and spread. the. word. The state of Alabama is crossing their fingers, hoping we all forgot about Chikesia. Let’s prove them wrong.
  • Speak against misogynoir every single chance you get. What can appear as a ‘harmless’ bias (no such thing) against a Black woman can ultimately rob her of her freedom and livelihood. The reason why Saraland police got away with attacking a Black woman is because people believe we deserve to get attacked.
  • Help me raise funds for my transportation/lodging in Alabama by donating to my PayPal pool!

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