Being in the design field for the past four years, I get that a lot, “Oh, you are a mechanical engineer and you are into the design!”. And, I say to myself, what is so shocking in this, rather it makes much more perfect sense.

Four years of mechanical engineering make you a practical, very hands-on, and logical person. We learn about mechanics, IC engines, helical gears, and a big wholesome bowl of physics, chemistry, and mathematics mashed together. The stress of completing assignments before deadlines, multiplied by 7 subjects, and multiplied by 48 months, it takes a toll on…

Pooja Doshi, Anna Abraham, Raj Vichare, Shubham Som Gupta

The beginning of this winding journey is where most design thinkers start — a wicked problem. As 4 metro city students, waste was part of the city landscape that had become a part and parcel of Mumbai’s maximum city experience whether spilling from the festering dumpster down the street or decorating the footpath under our feet.

Digging through the Waste

To understand this problem better we set out to observe and interview the stakeholders involved in the stages of processing garbage. …

Pooja Doshi, Sonira Mehta, Anna Abraham, Vidhi Furia, Shubham Som Gupta


It’s no surprise that the older you get, wisdom and hardships follow suit. Unfortunately, we observed that the design fraternity in its gravitation towards technology seems to ignore the senior citizen community. It is with this interest a team of 5 interdisciplinary students set out to solve the problem of falling for our beloved ‘oldies’.

After all, they are expected to grow to 20% of the total population by 2050 at a growth rate that is faster than the rest of the population!

The Problem:

The problem of falls in old…

Shubham Som Gupta

Engineer, Designer, Photographer. Love to travel.

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