Fried Brain Friday

I made a lot of progress on my pixel art maker during class today. Although there’s a lot more functionality I’d like to add (fill, namely), I’d say I’m at a good stopping point for now. The challenge will be for me to continue tweaking it over time, I’ve never done that on a project. I know that not every little project needs to be revisited, but I’d like to make time to polish things up here and there.

After coding all throughout the morning and into the early afternoon, I realized I had a pretty bad headache. We were asked to begin working on another assignment for next week and I just could not bring myself to focus on it for very long. That’s alright, I’ll be fresh by Monday morning.

…If I even make it to class on time Monday morning. I’ll be resuming my early morning training sessions at the gym. I’m slightly worried about the logistics of finishing my workout in time to clean up and catch a bus. But I’m sure it’ll be fine.

Tomorrow morning will be the last day of Vietnamese class. Fortunately there will be a level 2 semester in the fall. The language used to seem so impossible to learn. I’m very grateful that this part of my life has been expanded. I just need to practice more so I can hold conversations with my mom, aunt, and uncle.

Ok, that’s enough screen time for today.

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