Let the Reddit clones begin!

Thanks to our counterparts in the g45 cohort, my classmates and I have been well aware that quarter 3 would bombard us with Reddit cloning. Today, it began!

After doing some more Angular drills this morning, our instructor decided to have us throw ourselves into creating our first Reddit clone. For this iteration, we’re only required to setup the frontend. That means none of the posts, comments, or votes will persist. While I’m super curious to see how express servers and databases will fit in, I’m having fun discovering how Angular works just by tinkering my way through.

We didn’t start the clone until later in the afternoon, and usually by that time I start finding it difficult to focus. But after some initial frustration (which caused me to delete everything I was working on and start over), I made some pretty good progress on my application.


In unrelated news, tonight I’m working on installing my Windows laptop with Fedora (it was running really crappily with Windows 10!). Soon I won’t have access to the MacBook Pro I’ve been using for my coursework, and until I find a decent used one, I think I’ll get by with good ol’ Fedora. Should be interesting!