Mocha, Chai, and other tasty treats

This week we’ve focused on testing and validation. At first, using Mocha and Chai seemed really overwhelming. But I’m determined to start each program from now on with some testing, even if it’s just a little bit!

With regard to validation, we were introduced to Joi and Express-validation. Man, those almost make server-side validation too easy. We also had some practice writing gulp tasks. The amount of tools and libraries we’ve covered lately is pretty crazy, and it seems like it might be difficult to remember how to hook them all up. But man, once I started implementing them and seeing how awesome they were, I’m confident I won’t forget about them and their value too easily.

My classmates and I assumed that our second project (which starts next week) would be a group effort. However, it was confirmed yesterday that it will be another individual project this time. In a way, it’s relieving because it’s another chance to dive into EVERY piece and to see just how adept we are at each. I believe we’ll gain the valuable experience of working in groups a little later on, so I’m not worried. I have a couple ideas about what I’d like to do my project on, we’ll see what I end up choosing.

Happy Friday!!