Q3 Week3: Unfamiliar Environments


Since my last blog post, I have:

— Created and deployed the YouTube clone from Stephen Grider’s Modern React with Redux course on Udemy.

— Banged my head against the wall debugging a Ruby on Rails project that we were thrown into as part of the “Unfamiliar Environments” unit in class (it did eventually pass all tests).

— Made a simple iOS app with Swift!


Whew, lad. I’m reminded of something my Aunt Susan often asks my siblings and I: “Are you all having more fun than kids ought to be allowed to have??” Yes, yes I am!

I’m really enjoying experimenting with different languages and frameworks. Makes me feel a bit more confident about being able to learn and pick things up quickly in my future job roles. I would like to hone in on Angular and React in particular, just to really reinforce what I’ve learned. It would be nice to dabble more in Ruby on Rails and maybe .NET, just so that they’re not entirely foreign to me.

On Sunday and Monday this week, I didn’t end up turning on my TV at all. I wasn’t consciously avoiding TV, I just ended up staying productive. Sunday I had a pretty busy day of chores, but when I was done with them, I started the aforementioned React course. On weekdays I’m usually super tired after class; as soon as I get home, I put on Star Trek TNG and veg out on the couch till bed time. But on Monday when I got home, I resumed the React course and didn’t go to bed until I was able to deploy on Heroku. It was pretty nice. I definitely value my unstructured Star Trek time, but I also enjoyed feeling so motivated to get through the first part of my React course that my laziness was overriden.

Anyway, time for another lecture on Swift!

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