Thirsty Thursday

I was determined to not miss out on the latest gimmicky frap flavor, midnight mint mocha. Very tasty! #guiltypleasure

Today in class our warm-up involved trying to exploit the JavaScript eval() function in a simple server program. I fumbled with it for a bit, but didn’t get very far. I’m determined to revisit it!

We wrestled more with jQuery for the rest of the day. “Completed” my jQuery calculator as well as a set of jQuery exercises. Feeling pretty ok about it, but I’d feel better if I didn’t feel the compulsion to Google as often as I do. Google will always be available and useful, but it tends to make my coding session feel very disjointed and doesn’t necessarily help me commit much to memory. If I can recall more functions, I’ll be able to code more efficiently. I’ll work on it!

I’m also still wrestling with my Materialize assignment. Having trouble deciding how to organize the components on one of the pages to match the mockup images. In addition to that, I’ll have to write some JavaScript for some light form validation. Chipping away slowly, determined to finish it over the weekend.

Tomorrow we’ll be visiting Atlassian, I’m very excited! On that note, I should probably get to bed!