Week 3: Done!

Class officially ended about half an hour ago, but a couple of us continue to linger. This is pretty normal for us, even on a Friday.

FINALLY got my layout the way I wanted it to be on my Materialize assignment. What a relief! Now I can work on the meatier JavaScript part. There’s actually not much to it, though. But I’m very glad that there’s an end in sight.

Our site visit to Atlassian was really neat. Really nice office space with breathtaking views of downtown Austin. We received great insight from some of the employees there. It was reassuring and made the prospect of diving into the web development career world seem less scary.

We also had a guest speaker come talk to us about Redux. I hadn’t heard of it before, and I’m grateful to have gotten the exposure he gave us today. He also provided some valuable insight into being a web developer.

After I submit this Materialize assignment, I’m pretty sure I’ll be all caught up on my work. Looking forward to diving right into more new technologies next week.

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