Week 4 Day 4

Today our instructors left us to our own devices in the afternoon while they went off to do some team-building. The following objectives were written for us on the whiteboard:

  1. Research Open APIs
  2. Brainstorm Q1 projects
  3. Complete unfinished assignments/exercises
  4. PARTY!!!

So, after lunch, we all sat down and got to work.

I found some really cool APIs on ProgrammableWeb. Here’s the list of ones that I saved:

  1. OpenWeatherMap
  2. Yelp Fusion
  3. Plane XML
  4. Flight Status & Track
  5. Edamam Nutrition Analysis and Recipe Search

Turns out I had more project/app ideas floating around in my head than I originally thought. Prior to Galvanize, I would tell myself that I needed to come up with a side project to teach myself development and have something to put on a resume, or else!!! But I had no idea where to start, and I felt really discouraged and hopeless. I almost convinced myself that development wasn’t something I could enjoy again. With the knowledge I’ve amassed at Galvanize so far, the desire to explore is causing some creativity to flow.

That’s it for now…so glad tomorrow is Friday!

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