The right rite of passage.

The ad looked sketchy but I called anyway.

David and I had just moved into a new place, in a new city for the newest chapter of our lives: university. Now that we were on our own, finally divorced from the appendages of living with our parents, it was glorious…

Wearing colorful costumes at Caribbean carnivals isn’t just for women — but the gender politics are more complicated than ever

WWith the sweet sound of soca as their backdrop, Caribbean carnivals roll through the region’s various islands each year, each one a multiday blur of revelry, libations… and feathers. So many feathers. Feathers in every shape, color, and size imaginable — feathers that form the very foundation of “playing mas,”…

Toronto’s Little Jamaica finally gets its literary moment

TThe diasporic experience is one of give and take. It’s a stifling dance between not being quite like here or there, made even more complicated by the typical exhaustion transitioning from childhood to adulthood brings. But all this is perfectly illustrated in Zalika Reid-Benta’s debut, Frying Plantain (June 2019, House…

sharine taylor

writing & surviving.

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