Coming to America Super Bowl Ads

An ad that was highly talked about at this year’s 2017 Super Bowl 51 was the Budweiser “Born the hard way” ad. The ad is about a man known as Adolphus Busch who migrated to America from Germany to pursue his dream of making beer.

The ads target audience tone is inspirational, even though he wasn’t from America and struggled getting to America and adjusting, he had a dream and that dream came true. This ads target audience tone can also be sentimental to those who are or are children of immigrants who came to America for a better life and to pursue their dreams.

The ad company is identified towards the end of the ad where a man offers Adolphus a beer and he tells the man “Thank you but this is the beer we drink next,” pointing at a sketch design for Budweiser beer.

This ad tells a very inspiring story and has multiple acts of the narrative structure. The ad starts with the exposition in which Adolphus is told that he doesn’t look like he belongs there; this tells us as the viewers that this is a story of immigrating. The rising action happens when Adolphus is coming to America in a ship and a storm happens and he gets hurt. The climax is when he finally makes it to America and people are rudely yelling at him “you’re not wanted here, go back home,” also when he survives a fire on a ship and when he is freezing walking in the muddy woods. The falling action/ resolution occurs when he arrives to St. Louis and shows the man his sketch of his beer and his dream comes true of making a beer known as Budweiser.

Keith A. Quesenberry’s research on success of Super Bowl ads mentions how an ad telling a good full story makes a Super Bowl ad successful. The Budweiser ad fits perfect in the pattern Quesenberry identifies. The Budweiser commercial followed the pattern and used the narrative structure to tell a good full story which led to the ads success and it being highly talked about.

A similar ad that talks about immigrating to America is 84 Lumber’s “The Journey Begins” which appeared in the 2017 super bowl. The 84 Lumber’s ad told a very similar story as the Budweiser ad but was a failure and not as successful as the Budweiser ad. According to ad-scoring firm Ace Metrix the failure happened because it was too serious for the Super Bowl. I think the main factor that made the Budweiser ad more successful is the fact that Budweiser is a very well known brand and 84 Lumber is not. It was also 84 Lumber’s first time being on the Super Bowl.