a lesson from the weather app

like most people, one of the first things I do in the morning is check my phone. emails, texts, missed calls (usually from my crazy parents who stay up later than rebellious teenagers). These are in no particular order — but I always end with the weather app. That way I figure I have the best chance of remembering and dressing appropriately, at least for the temperature anyway.

now don’t ask me why it took so long to realize, but I began to scroll through the “day” to see if it was one of those where you start out in a sweater and then consider going topless around noon because its suddenly 85 degrees. (this is a joke. I breastfed. not going topless for everyone’s sake.) delighted it was going to be a beautiful t-shirt kind of day, especially because it had been in the 30’s overnight, I attempted to go back to the prior day.

it took me several failed swipes to get that wasn’t an option.

huh. brilliant, I thought. how many hours have I wasted replaying past events in my mind all the while knowing nothing I did now would change the outcome?

if only I would have said this or done that or not said this or not done that. of course, I come up with the best retorts long after the moment has passed. man, can I work myself up when I look back! and for what?

the only thing we can truly do is learn and move on. get better. look forward.

honestly, it’s one of my favorite things in life. looking forward to something. the excitement…the anticipation…trying on everything I own to find the perfect outfit for the upcoming event. you don’t wear the same thing to a parent/teacher conference that you do on date night, right? this is precisely why I need so many shoes! girls,

back me up here…there is a reason we must have so many pair of black shoes.

and now, not only does my weather app help me decide which ones to wear, it’s also a subtle reminder not to dwell on what’s past. So, since today is nearly done, I’m thinking pjs and wine sound perfect right about now.