Respectfully, Bill Withers, I Completely Disagree

while it’s definitely my favorite song written by this musical genius, “Use Me” is my anti-theme these past few weeks.

in fact, I’m considering cashing out completely and moving to some remote location where no one knows me or expects anything from me. (yes, recommendations are appreciated.)

and sure, it’s mostly my fault.

somehow, things always start off full of possibility. then inevitably, I find myself being used until I am used up. until I am angry and frustrated and feel like most of my time and energy is spent on everyone but me with little to no reward.

yes, I love care taking. yes, I am a classic overachiever. in love, in life. in business. in everything! but silly me, I expect the other party to give as much as I do. I expect everyone is working hard, loving hard, giving their all, doing their best.

and most of the time, I end up disappointed.

it’s almost as if the more I give, the more they take! is this just human nature? to want the most for doing the least? or rather, is it brag worthy to cheat the system?

perhaps, I’m being ridiculous or emotional or even both. but in my perfect world, every person is contributing. we’re all bettering each other. (bonkers, I know!)

meanwhile, some people work so hard to get out of working.

in every application. if they can get by with the least amount of effort, they do. in relationships, in business transactions, in everyday life. people I know and love, people I work with, people I’ve just met but have already shown their hand.

it’s lazy, it’s rude, and can you tell I’m oh so stinking over it?!

all I can think about is that insurance commercial where the guy drives down the street and people just start sticking to his car hitching a free ride. f that. I’m getting out of the car and lighting it on fire.

tomorrow, I will wake up with a better attitude (fingers crossed). but tonight, I am crispy fried chicken burnt.

my face is broken out like a teenager, my give-a-shitter is at an all-time low and I’m making mental lists cutting out those who don’t give back, who don’t fill me up, who mostly and simply put just use me.

oh, but, Bill Withers, you can stay. cause I gotta get my dang groove back.