skinny girls have back fat, too

caught a glimpse of myself in the bathroom mirror this morning. I’d thrown on a sports bra and a tank top to get out the door at what I have determined to be the perfect moment to leave the house in order to hit the school car line at its lowest volume.

(it’s scientific, people…)

anyway, had zero idea my business was all bunched up as the sports bra had a sort of constricting effect (think sausage casing). despite my seemingly thin frame, I 100% had a wad of back fat on full display.

hello, world. so nice to meetcha.

it’s true. full disclosure: I’m just shy of 5’7” and somewhere between 115–120 pounds depending on the day.

that being said, yes, I have cellulite. yes, I have stretch marks. yes, I have those weird little armpit tab thingies. and yes, I have back fat.

being skinny is nowhere near the same as being in shape. and while off the rack items may fit, I am not “fit”.

in fact, when people even talk about working out, I tend to get tired. no clue where they get that kind of energy. it’s terrible to admit, but I do my best thinking reclined.

so, while you’d think seeing yourself in a 360 degree dressing room mirror might ignite the spark, I just reminded myself to never do that again on purpose.

maybe one of these days, I’ll catch the bug. however, until then, I’ll just dress appropriately, take the stairs, chase my 2yo, and avoid seeing my backside head on in fluorescent lighting.