sunglasses and lipgloss

a multitude of sins can be concealed with a great pair of sunglasses and a swipe of lipgloss. it’s practically beauty camo. I stash these two items everywhere: on the table by the back door, in my purse, the glove compartment of the car.

the bigger, the bolder, the better.

once upon a time, I had this painful weekly video conference call bright and early on monday mornings. it was made up of mostly useless chatter but I had to look alive so out came the fuschia lips. mind you, I had typically woken up approximately two minutes before these things started and rarely, if ever, had on pants.

roll. with. it.

seriously, nobody else has to know. baby kept you up? bono sunglasses. tinted just enough that you can don them indoors without all the flack. late night out? red lips. it’s really just about redirecting attention, right? and no matter how tired I am, my mouth is not the dead giveaway. so that becomes the feature.

look over here!” (*squeaky toy sound*)

last night, we stayed up with some of our favorite people listening to old records, drinking gin (still tastes slightly like christmas trees to me but you just drink through it) and laughing so hard I’m certain I have new lines on my face.

worth it.

every 2am feeding session, every 5:30 wake up call, every all-nighter I’ve pulled takes its toll, but I wouldn’t trade them. it brought me here, you know?

so, the sunglasses get bigger and the lipgloss gets bolder but I firmly believe, life just keeps getting better.