the craziest things happen when you’re not paying attention

this week kicked off weird, guys.

my inbox was empty, my phone wasn’t ringing. shoot, it wasn’t dinging me with messages of any sort! complete crickets. and it had me all kinds of squirrely (yes, that’s Tennessee talk right there)

if you know me, you know I’m not happy unless I’m busy. when I check my ical at night, I sleep so much better seeing a full lineup for the next day. needless to say, this gap in scheduling was keeping me awake.

so, I took a break. what? yes.

remember that show Monk? well… it’s my guilty pleasure. and yes, I know it would probably be far less embarrassing to admit I have a porn addiction, but nonetheless…cheesy crime show, it is.

instead of ticking along on schedule like my normal type A, I hung out with Liv, watched silly tv shows, played some soccer in the backyard, went for walks, took our time at the grocery store, baked brownies and just relaxed for a dang minute.

the first thing that happened was the realization that my 2 year old has grown into such an amazing, capable, wonderful little person.

sure, I’m around her all the time but this time, she had every ounce of my attention.

such that at the playground, I got to watch as she would push a couple of the bigger kids on the tire swing and then hop in when it got going. completely blew my mind.

my baby was operating a ride.

at the grocery, she insisted on pushing the cart (we got the little one), choosing the produce, placing all the items on the checkout belt and even swiping the credit card herself (okay, she sees me do that last one…a lot)

without being prompted, she shared her toys with another little girl at the park. the mom came over to rave about what a sweetheart Liv was! (don’t worry — I assured her we have our meltdowns, too…usually when it’s most inconvenient)

but you know what? I completely forgot where I’d left my phone and my laptop. for 48 hours, I took a deep breath. of course, I came back to plenty of messages and gigs and all was right in Julie Land.

so, I’m up late wrapping a session and sifting through Liv’s baby pictures on my phone. yeah, seeing her be such a big girl made me also miss having my little baby.

yikes. somebody lend me a puppy.