the sweet spot

our daughter, Liv, is 2 and a 1/2.

she’s extremely chatty (zero idea where it comes from as I am clearly, painfully shy).

she loves dance parties, baking cookies, grocery shopping and banging on my piano.

and she is also in the sweet spot.

other than not allowing her to perpetually eat chocolate like she so often demands, I can do no wrong in her eyes. liv is 100% mommy’s girl and she gives me more love than I could ever deserve. sometimes, I swear, my heart could burst and I’d die happy then and there.

first thing every morning, she throws herself against me for a crazy good hug and says “I missed you, mommy!”


when I drop her at preschool, she gives me a kiss on each cheek (i guess she’s european?) and says “have a great day!”

killin’ me.

in the afternoons at pickup, she shouts “mommy, you came back — hooray!”

like there was a shred of a chance I wouldn’t crawl across the entire earth to hold this girl again.

and at night when I tuck her in, she always says “goodnight. sweet dreams. I love you.”


i can have disheveled hair, morning breath and yesterday’s makeup on and it doesn’t change her love for me a bit. i can be impatient or annoyed and she’s unphased. i can not get that song cut or lose in the last round for a placement and she still firmly believes I’m the best. ever.

i guess what I’m trying to say is that while she may be learning trivial things like how to use a spoon from me, I’m learning far more important things like how to love from her.

don’t get me wrong — i realize this won’t last and that some day she’ll probably slam the door in my face and shout that she hates me. i remember being that teenager. but then it’s my turn, right? to love her no matter what.

so, I’m just going to enjoy this sweet spot. cause I’m not gonna lie — it feels amazing to have such a big fan. at first, it was weird when she clapped for me all the time. but now, I kinda wish more adults in my life did it. like “hey, babe — how about that sandwich I just made you, huh? thinkin’ it deserves a round of applause.”