well, this is awkward!

our kid is 2. she loves baking, grocery shopping, impromptu dance parties and playing with her vagina.

I wish I were kidding.

so, it started out that in the bath she did some basic exploring. once she poked it and asked “hey mommy — what’s this?” I told her what it was called and that it was her private area. That no one else should ever touch her there, etc.

she seemed to understand as much as a toddler does and we moved on. bath time continued to be about foam letters, rubber duckies and pretending I’m torturing her the entire time I wash her hair.

recently, though, the moment she hits the bath, she’s got a finger on the button like a cold war superpower. we’re talking one hand constantly playing down there as if its an underwater fidget spinner and she’s 5th period algebra bored.

we’re so confused. does she think it might light up and make noise?

her dad (understandably) doesn’t want to comment on it and we don’t want any negative association whatsoever but it’s to the point that we’re considering bathing her in a swimsuit so she can give her bits a break!

I mean, they’re her privates, right? technically, she can touch them all she wants but gahhhhh, it’s weird. I thought I was escaping all the awkward toddler genitalia stuff when my kid popped out sans penis!

we’d heard all the funny, yet uncomfortable baby boner stories and the little boys who tug relentlessly in public or not. but I have this sweet little girl!

and yet, the moment she’s naked, she’s digging for buried treasure.

her pediatrician said it all looks good and there’s nothing out of the ordinary but I feel like my parents never mentioned this part. sure, I remember my mom saying something to the effect of “scratch where it looks good, not where it itches” but this is less an itch and more like how frequently and mindlessly I reach for my iPhone.

overall, I want my daughter to feel completely comfortable in her own skin at every age. I just didn’t realize she’d be so confident so soon. Lord, help me in 10 years!