“when a baby makes things different…

…find a way to make things fun!”

that is one of many sung lessons on my kid’s favorite show. we’re not super strict parents when it comes to television and devices but we do limit exposure to educational programs and typically only allow her to watch at certain times.

for example, when it’s toward the end of a good day and we’re all winding down. it occupies our daughter while we clean up, do dishes, or just decompress. sometimes, an episode on her iPad can be a lifesaver at a restaurant or in the grocery when she gets antsy. and occasionally, my husband and I have found we can sneak in a quick romp during an episode. (I said “romp”. I know. I’m a hundred on the inside.)

on one such occasion, we had both hurried to the bedroom thinking the same thing, stripped off our clothes and jumped right in aware we had less than 20 minutes alone. 18 to be exact and we’ve become experts at not only recognizing these opportunities but also tuning out the background audio. this stuff is not exactly Marvin Gaye and Liv singing along is much more like bellering (our kid is quite tone deaf).

so, we didn’t think anything of it when we heard Liv half singing/half yelling “when a baby makes things different, find a way to make things fun!” we were both passionately in the moment right up until the realization that our 2 year old had wandered into our room.

And sista’ was a’starin’.

Taking it allllllllll in.

A rapid cover-up followed and then we started laughing so hard that she started laughing. I mean, she was singing it and we were living it. Tell me she won’t need therapy. I mean, we all eventually do but she won’t for this, right?!”