Why I’m voting for Hillary Clinton
DeRay Mckesson

Politicians, and World Powers, are Lying to You

Articles — like the one I’m somewhat replying to, make me unbelievably sad. Sad, because people still believe voting matters. Because people, still have this fanciful idea in their heads that one day a president will fulfill his/her promises and improve the country.

It’s illogical at this point, when considering all of history, to believe in such fallacies.

Everything promised by politicians and presidential candidates ALWAYS falls through. They are actors paid solely to lie and dissuade the people from rebelling and rioting against the system. This is fact; Just look at how many policies have actually gone through in recent years that were beneficial to Americans or other citizens of westernised countries. And then look further back — were any of those ground-breaking policies enacted? The answer is no. And the answer will always be no.

Trump is a liar and a sexist pig, yes. But Hillary is no better. She has a bold bright neon-sign hanging over her head that spells out the words, ‘psychopath’ and ‘succubus’. There is not one bone in her body that is pure. She — like most politicians, rejected her humanity a long, long, looooong time ago when wealth and fame proved more lucrative than humanity and compassion.

You don’t even have to go far to uncover her snake-like nature — those 30,000 emails she deleted, assumedly revealing classified data to unauthorised individuals, says enough. If she is not willing to protect the US and keep it secure, why would she give a damn about its occupants?

And oh, did I mention she is funded substantially by countries that execute homosexuals, transsexuals, and anyone within the LGBTQ community?

If you believed that Hillary was going to make a difference and move America forward, or even that Trump can take up such a mantle, you are historically and politically ignorant. You have ignored all incriminating events and the commonality of lies and corruption within the government, and fallen prey to denial; succumbing to the impossible hope that fat-cats in suits with money-lined pockets, will somehow begin to care about those other than themselves.

Do your research about Hillary, and, Trump. Even Obama! All of them have hearts of coal, and an insatiable hunger which will only be filled with cash and war.

Seriously, how can anyone trust millionaires with the interests of the middle-class and impoverished?

If you still don’t believe that Hillary is as evil as can be. Just go back to the Earthquake in Haiti. The Clinton Foundation stole millions upon millions of dollars from starving and sick Haitians via fundraising. And this isn’t just a rumour or a conspiracy, it is the cold hard truth. The Haitian government even released a statement condemning the Clintons for their barbarity!

It is also easy to find devilishness within the Obama administration, since the previous president before leaving office passed a law that forbids GMO-labeling on food. This is against the rights of all Americans.

Obama also signed a law WORSE than that. A law so heinous and despicable I detest writing it.

He passed a law that allows any American citizen to be incarcerated with no warrant, due process, or trial. If you live in the US, you are at risk of being detained for no reason — even executed! This is plain as day totalitarianism. However, considering congress and US presidents have the legal authority to enforce Martial Law; the destruction of all democratic and constitutional responsibility in favour of militarisation and fascism. Dictatorial behaviour from Obama’s administration is not at all surprising.

Let me put it this way.

If an esteemed yet evil man like Obama, who is willing to take away the rights of his people, supports Hillary Clinton… What hope do we actually have of her being a decent person? Or any politician for that matter? None, none whatsoever. In fact, when Obama was running for presidency he was opposed completely and utterly to the idea that Hillary was an applicable presidential candidate! In 2008, he destroyed her reputation by reminding Americans of her horrendous track record in government. Oh how easy it is for politicians to get the nations to forget what is no longer beneficial to them and their agendas.

Everybody needs to wake up and smell the roses. The world is a dark place run by shadowy organisations and wealthy men in high places. It is not a world where one single president can make a positive impact.

Donald Trump is not going to fulfill his promises, and he will not ‘make America great again’, because, he’s no better than the rest of them. After all, he, just like Hillary, incited hatred and division during the election campaigns. He also avoids paying taxes — all while benefitting from them. And, harbours an unreasonable amount of wealth while the lower classes suffer.

What will he do instead if he won’t ‘make America great again’, you say?

He’ll run foreign trade and foreign policy into the ground, and then proceed to kick off World War 3 — that’s all the elites really enjoy doing anyway, let’s not kid ourselves here.

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