ProPack Today — Logistics @ Work!

The world has evolved from Ideas work to Logistics work as world has transited from industrial era to smart business era. Where custom smart logistics SAAS model mobile applications like ProPack Today of Manage My Dream, LLC plays a big role in freight booking and forwarding. These plans have evolved into enterprises and they now need to get things moving and the money flowing.

Here are a few important trends that feature the logistics business that we are witnessing today. Accuracy and Timeliness of Shipments — Earlier when rolls of 160 column papers, rows of rusty containers at the ports, boats untracked in the middle of the ocean and your shipment never arriving on time. I remember my elder sibling as a Merchant Navy Officer describing life on the sea as one where you know when to set sail but never know when you arrive and what surprises can await you in the middle or end of the journey including peculiar port regulations. As the logistics business has evolved, the use of cloud based application like ProPack Today, has allowed the processes to be mapped, accuracy of track your shipment and timeliness ensured. Thanks to the combined efforts of both logistic companies that work extremely well-coordinated and the technology revolution that makes something like the FedEx’s terminals a maze that never fails, on board advancements have made deliveries time bound, cost bound and most importantly — hassle free and in one piece.

Everyone needs a competitive deal — so how do we do it? Transport or logistics is a high cost at every stage from warehousing to handling to final shipment and delivery. IT systems and product development team has put over a decade in reach and development while designing logistics management application which helps user to manage independent workflows rules, rates, track status of shipment and algorithms that tell how and when to store, release freight payments, perform custom clearance and when to move rationalizing their cost. Apart from this logistic companies have witnessed a huge degree of M&A in the years that just gone by towards consolidation of strengths and costs. It is important to note that thanks to re-emergence of logistics, developing nations postal departments which are huge networks of logistics and local railways have suddenly moved from loss making liabilities to fast growing profitable companies.

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