The birth of Shiba Classic

I was 27 when I first discovered cryptocurrencies. Many of my friends had told me about this incredible, “new” technology in passing but I had never really taken much notice until I came across articles showcasing investors who had turned $100 into 8 figures.

From that point, my life completely changed and I began to look at my pay cheque differently. Instead of putting 20% of my money away each month into a low investment savings account, I decided to invest that into cryptocurrencies like Ethereum — this is where my story begins.

The more research I did into cryptocurrency, the more I learned and the more I wanted to use Ethereum to invest into tokens on the Ethereum blockchain in attempts to scale my investment.

I purchased (what was then) a small token called Shiba Inu back in August of 2020. Like with the majority of my trading life, I bought some tokens/coins, forgot about them and simply moved on with my life. I checked in every once in a while and was always amazed with how strong the community performed — everyone had their sights set on a single target, which was to make millions. During that time i made alot of friends from the Shib community, and many of them like Cryptomessiah is a strong supporter of the token.

As Shiba progressed, it naturally brought in more investors and our dreams were slowly turning into reality; we would raid and shill on every social media platform, heck, I even told my mother to buy $SHIB!

As many of you know, Shiba Inu surged tens of thousands of percent in just weeks. It felt unbelievable. I suddenly had more money than I could ever need, ever. What is important to remember though, is that before the price surged, hundreds of thousands of community hours went into building Shiba Inu and in fact at one point, the group chat was dead with just 20 active members. This small group however never stopped believing and well — need I say more?

We are not satisfied with the current state of crypto, investors in the etherum network jump into the next bandwagon as soon as they see a green candle. They will not adapt into the community and work for their bags.

This is why myself and other $SHIB whales are now coming together to recreate the token that we made our fortunes on, on Ethereum Classic (ETC). We are giving us all a new chance on a different block chain.

Shiba Classic (SHIBC) will thrive on the Ethereum Classic blockchain and there will be no trading tax whatsoever; nor will there be any paid callers ready to dump their bags on you. In addition to all of that, we are burning LP forever from day 1.

Shiba Classic is a direct fork of Shiba Inu but with 90% less supply (100T tokens). We decided to do this as the Shibainu to $1 meme still exists strong and with this supply it is actually possible.

Buy yourself some $SHIBC, forget about it and raid and shill together with your friends. This token will be a central hub, where all investors from all chains will come together as one community.

You shall harvest the fruits of your labour later on.

I see our growth has already been exponential overnight and a community telegram has been set up by an investor, i am watchin over you but i will not actively participate in the actions of the community.

How to buy:

1. Buy ETC (Ethereum Classic) from your favourite CEX.

2. Open your DeFi Wallet (Trust Wallet/MetaMask/SafePal) and add the ETC network. Trust wallet has the network ready to go so that is the easiest one:

3. Send ETC from your preferred CEX into the defiwallet

4. In your DeFi Wallet, click on the dApp/browser tab, and go to HebeSwap:

5. Click on connect wallet on the top of your screen.

6. Input the Shiba Classic contract address and select it from the menu. Set gas between 5 and 20 then confirm the transaction.

7. Click on swap and and wait for the sale to process.

Contract address:




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