Try to challenge something you haven’t experienced

Most people like routine work. It’s necessary to live without stress. Trying new things, We need some energy and it becomes larger as we grow up.

I feel a sense of crisis when I do only routine work. It would be a waste to live ordinary days as we only live once. I wanna spend special days.

What can make our lives special ?

I think challenging can do.

Most people basically prefer ordinary life to challenging life. This is a chance. Thanks to them, our challenges stand out more. Although most people know they should try to challenge, they assign a priority to other normal things like playing a game, internet surfing, etc.

Everyone has an ideal image. What we only have to do is to think how we reach the ideal and try a concrete action. Of course, in most cases we have to strive to perform the action. I think it is very difficult and important to find a concrete action. We shouldn’t spinning our wheels. To be honest, this blogging is one of my concrete action to improve my English skill. It makes me increase the vocabulary and get into English grammar.

And I also think keep trying is important. There is no way that we can reach the ideal in a short period of time.

Never give up.


  • Try new things.
  • Imagine an ideal image.
  • Perform a concrete action to make it.
  • Keep trying.
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