Why is marriage certificate important?

Marriage certificate is not just some document that you must get. It is an important document for couples. Many people believe that it is not useful and not worth the time wasted through legal procedures. Most of them don’t know that every couple who get married needs a marriage certificate/license.

When you travel abroad for any purposes, be it personal or official. If you are taking your partner with you, you will need to show marriage certificate as a proof for that you are married to each other. A spouse visa will not be allowed if you don’t have a marriage certificate.

Marriage registration also helps in keeping all the records of the people getting married in a state. Imagine if a couple got into a dispute and they plan to settle it in court, they will have to submit marriage certificate to prove that they are married to each other.

Incase your partner dies, you will have to show your marriage certificate as a proof that you were married and now you have sole right to everything he/she possessed. If your partner had fixed deposits or insurance on their name, you will have to submit the marriage certificate to claim that.

Marriage certificate is nothing but the proof of registration. You will understand the need of it when you apply for a passport , spouse visa, name change etc. The certificate holds an important value.

No foreign embassies offer a spouse without submission of attested marriage certificate. Marriage certificate attestation is required to apply for a spouse visa for your wife. In foreign countries, you have to submit the document to the authorities as a proof that you two were married. Marriage certificate attestation ensures that the marriage certificate you submit to the authorities are verified from your country. Marriage certificate attestation is done from your country and then from the country you are planning to go. The procedures for this vary with your home country and the country you are planning to go.

Marriage certificate holds a very important role and it is important that you register your marriage after you get married. If you are getting married from a religious place, they will arrange the procedure for marriage certificate themselves.