Preparing a node development environment is not so complex. But it becomes harder if you work on multiple version of node. Especially if you have some legacy node application, and you can’t update the node because of some dependencies, docker is very handy in this situation. I’ll show the steps of building a docker image and configure docker-compose to build and run the development server with hot-reload.

Prepare docker image

Add a Dockerfile at the root of the project directory

# we choose the lts version
FROM node:lts
LABEL maintainer=""# set working directory
# copy and install app dependencies
COPY package.json…

I was inspired by an article from Aniruddha. His solutions are fun. So, I thought how else I can make this conditions true. So, I came up with two more solutions.

In my first solution, I checked only the type of the parameter of `MagicalObject` and the type of the other object compared with `MagicalObject`.

My second solution depends on the ordering of the numbers. It takes a number as an argument, and inside the `__eq__` it increases the number by 1.

And voila…

Python, 3.7.1 released recently. It has some exciting features. After downloading python source from, I faced few problems in installing from source, like this zlib library problem. There were so many solutions, yet none of them are working for me. After searching for answers and banging my head on walls for a while, I finally found the solution on official python site’s build dependency documentation.

sudo apt-get build-dep python3.6

If you see something like this, Open Software & Updates and enable:Source code, you can see details on this askubuntu Q&A.

If that package is not available for your system…

Sometimes I have to work on our old projects written in PHP. Recently, I am using VS code as my php IDE. VS code has some great features. I can debug my code easily with XDebug and php-debug VS code extension. But, after upgrading my OS to Ubuntu 16.04, I was facing trouble installing xdebug. Most of the google search refers to php5 XDebug. But, in Ubuntu 16.04 default php version is php7.

So, after searching for a while, I found the solution is pretty simple. Install php-xdebug.

sudo apt-get install php-xdebug

Run below command in terminal to ensure xdebug…

Ahmed Shibli

s/w engineer, alumnus CSE SUST.

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