In this project, we are asked to create a bound book using both text and imagery. The book must be 12 or 16 pages. We will incorporate the knowledge of typography and grid systems, and make appropriate design decisions based on the content.

I was very certain about what I wanted to do for the visual book — food in Pittsburgh. I decided to introduce some unique restuarants / places for food in Pittsburgh in my visual book. However, not all of the the restaurants that I would like to focus on were finalized at the start. …


Theme: Food in Pittsburgh

  1. Cover Page
  2. Blank
  3. Content
  4. Teppanyaki Kyoto
  5. Teppanyaki Kyoto
  6. Bahn Mi & Ti
  7. Bahn Mi & Ti
  8. La Gourmandine
  9. La Gourmandine
  10. xxx
  11. Blank
  12. Back

Process Documentation

In this project, we are asked to create a series of posters that visually introduce three different arts events held within a single arts festival. Each poster must include the following elements:

  • The Name of the Arts Festival (this should be on all three posters and may be fictional)
  • The Title of the Event
  • The name(s) of the artist(s)
  • One (short) paragraph about the artist(s) or the event itself
  • The date, time, and location of the event (fictional)
  • Relevant ticket information including price, how to purchase, etc. (fictional)

After some research, I decided to focues on 45th Hong Kong Arts…

Art Festival: Hong Kong Arts Festival

Event: Tetris (

Genre: Dance

Artists: Arch 8


A video game hits the stage! Based on a popular video game in which players create order out of chaos, Tetris swaps blocks for bodies in a performance space. Four dancers flip over, slide under and pile on the top of each other, stacking in various configurations, frequently defying gravity. As their interlocking shapes unfold, we learn about making connections and how to fit in with others while staying true to oneself. A highly participatory and interactive performance in which audiences can join and play.


In this project, we were asked to design a poster about a typeface and assemble the following content for the poster:

  • Name of the typeface
  • Name of the typeface designer
  • Year it was designed
  • Max 100 words about the typeface and purpose of the form
  • Full character set
  • A quote (optional)

The typeface that I was assigned is Gill Sans.

Below are the five sketches I did for the possible poster layouts:

Typographic Voice Exercise

Typographic Voice
  • Gill Sans does not reinforce the meaning of “rebellion” very well. The word “rebellion” looks very traditional, amicable in Gill Sans.
  • Bauhaus 93 helps to reinforce the meaning of “rebellion”. Bauhaus 93 looks very unconventional, unorthodox, which further highlights “rebellion”.
  • Copperlate makes the word seem rebellious to me because the type face is relatively wider compared to other typefaces. It helps to strengthen the meaning of “rebellion”.
  • Courier makes the word looks peaceful to me.
  • Marker Felt helps to reinforce the meaning of “rebellion”.

Among the five typefaces, I like Copperlate the best in conveying the sense of “rebellion. Although Copperlate is not a “bold” typeface as Bauhaus and Marker Felt do, the word looks strong, tough in Copperlate.

Selene Yang

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